LiveDesktop streamlines your IT and saves you time and headaches.

Most company owners and computer users agree that they spend too much time and money on IT-related issues instead of focusing on their core business. With LiveDesktop, you won't waste any more time and effort on downtime, crashes, reboots, RAM shortages or supporting and upgrading servers, computers, software and licenses.

How else will you boost productivity LiveDesktop is fast… really fast. Applications will always work at top speed whether you use your old office desktop, your child's computer, a PDA or a notebook. Processing speed is irrelevant when your computer is not an operating platform and multitask performer. With LiveDesktop, your device is just a portal: an interface to an ultra-fast service hub.

The experience of using LiveDesktop is exactly like using your current computer and favorite applications when they are performing flawlessly - only faster. Your favorite applications will never slow down or freeze and you can enjoy the same peak performance from anywhere at any time without ever having your productivity tied to one machine. 

With a 100% uptime guarantee and unlimited 24/7 support, LiveDesktop gives you all the benefits of an efficient, smooth running IT infrastructure without the problems inherent in traditional office PC environments. LiveDesktop is so simple that one of our clients calls it "the world's most effortless virtual office".

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